Thursday, October 26

Erin Wins!

My friend Erin wins for being the first one to comment on the lamp post-it in my previous post. And, Robyn comes in a close second for posting an hour later and asking if everything in my house is labeled with a post-it.

Let me explain...1) I am a certified elementary school teacher, 2) my oldest daughter (almost 4) really wants to know how to read, and 3) learning that there are letters that make up a word to describe (name) everything in our world is a pre-reading skill. To help Emily learn how to sound out words, we started doing some word building activities including labeling things in our home. Periodically, Emily will say, "Let's make words, Mommy," and we decide what words to make that day. She picks out what we are going to label, then we work on what letters make that word and I write it on a post-it. Not everything in the house is labeled yet, but we're getting close...we have door, picture, window, computer, monitor, wall, lamp (of course), gate, television, get the idea. One day she wanted to label herself and Mia so they went around with post-its stuck to their shirts!

Hey Kim! Thanks for coming out of lurkdom and posting a comment!