Monday, August 20


That you can, indeed, put a bandage on a persistent 4 year olds ear!

I never posted about the events of last Monday evening that has led to this ear bandage, so if you haven’t heard the story…

It was after dinner, I was on the phone with my mom while I was cleaning up the kitchen (usually Chuck’s job, but he was traveling) and the girls were playing hide-n-seek. I take a glance at Emily and notice blood on her shirt. Uh-oh! I pull back her hair that is wet with blood. Oh my! And, I see her ear covered in blood. Yikes! After several minutes and several wet paper towels, I get the bleeding to stop enough so I can see where it is all coming from. I see a quarter inch tear in her earlobe. It looked like she had an earring in and it was pulled out. Except that she doesn’t wear earrings. I wouldn’t have been so concerned, but it was gaping open at the edge and went around the back of her earlobe about an eighth of an inch. I didn’t like how it was hanging open so I decided that we should take her to the hospital. The whole time that all of this is going on and I’m trying to get the blood to stop and assess what is going on, I’m still on the phone with my mom. It just never occurred to me to hang up and she’s probably glad that I didn’t!

So off we go to the Urgent Care Center at our local hospital! However, I had to call Chuck to tell him what was happening because I knew that his flight had landed at about the same time that we were leaving for the hospital. Not a phone call that I wanted to be making and definitely not a phone call that he wanted to receive. Especially when I started out by staying, “It’s not a huge emergency. Everyone is fine, but I’m taking Emily to the hospital.”

Emily was a real trooper and never cried at all. The doctor glued her earlobe together, put a nix on our swimming plans for the next day and sent us on our way. The glue patch fell off two days ago, but it looks like she had a little reaction to it, which has made it itch. We fixed that up with a little Neosporin and a princess bandage! Since I didn’t have my camera with me to document the actual event (I know…what kind of dedicated blogger am I?!), I had to document the ear bandage! Emily was so pleased that she finally convinced me to put a bandage on it!

A few other highlights from the trip to the hospital…

While we’re waiting for the doctor, I notice that ALL of Emily’s clothes are on backwards…including her underwear! Observant mom, huh?

She tells the doctor that I used toilet paper to stop the blood.

When the doctor tells her that she is going to put a little special glue on her ear to hold it together, Emily is concerned about the glue matching her skin color.

And, a few random photos from my camera...

This is where I found them one morning when I followed the sound of breathless giggling.

Emily wrote a letter to her best friend Mollianne and we took a trip to the Post Office so she could mail it. About an hour later, she asked if Mollianne had her letter yet. BTW, Emily's birthday isn't until January! They were "paddling their boat" in the tub...there was water EVERYWHERE!