Wednesday, August 22

Jump! Jump! Slide!

Yesterday, we joined our playgroup at an indoor play area. The girls had a great time jumping and mostly sliding down this huge inflatable slide!

Most of the girls in the lobby getting ready to have lunch.
(L to R: Emily, Miss Firecracker, Mia, J and A)

After lunch...actually soon after we got there Beth suggested that we take the girls to DQ for ice cream since Miss Firecracker never had DQ (gasp!) and there was one close by. This photo didn't turn out so great because of the big window, but I love the tier of ice cream cones on the left: Mia, Emily and Miss Firecracker. On the right, we have (from top to bottom) big sister J, D and little sister J with her back to us.The four year olds will be starting preschool next week and the following week, so it was great to see everyone before we start school!