Monday, August 27

Women of Faith

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Women of Faith conference with Christie, Robyn and her momma Martha, and Erin and her mom Barbara. What an event! There we were in an arena with 16,000 other women (and a few men - ??) laughing, crying, cheering, singing, sitting on the edge of our seat and mostly celebrating and rejoicing in the love of our heavenly Father! It is nearly impossible to describe to someone what it was like in that arena. Women know how to celebrate our King! And, when you get the Women of Faith ladies on the stage, it’s exhilarating! When He created these women who entertained, inspired and encouraged us this weekend, He did better than good! Each of the ladies on the Women of Faith team blew my socks off. They are all classy, funny, smart, and lovers of Jesus and many of them can sing…not just sing, but s-ING! If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Women of Faith conference, don’t hesitate…just sign up and go! Better yet, go online and sign up for the next one that is near you. You will be so glad that you did! And, don’t forget to take tissues…you will cry and you will laugh so hard that you will cry!

One word of advice…use the break period prior to Anita Renfroe taking the stage wisely. If you do not use the restroom and choose instead to stand in line to buy something to drink, do not blame me if you pee your pants or snort your beverage of choice out your nose. This woman made me laugh so hard that I was sobbing – tears were pouring down my face and I could barely breathe!