Wednesday, August 29

First Day of School

This morning I watched my daughter walk confidently to her classroom for her first day of preschool. It was sort of a surreal moment sending my first baby off to school. I’m so thrilled to watch my daughters grow and learn and explore, but I look back with a bit of longing to those days when I was their whole world. My mommy role is now changing and I’m looking forward to what He has in store for us!

The morning recap...

Backpack, lunch bag (inside backpack) and nap mat all ready to go.

I had a good breakfast and I'm ready for the day!

My big sister is going to school and I get all the toys to myself...[insert evil little sister laugh here].

I'm certain that this backpack did not look this big when we bought it!

At school looking cool!
Heading toward the door and many years of learning.

In my classroom waiting for my teachers and new friends to arrive.

By the way, there were not any tears this morning...hers or mine!

Finally, here's a "just gotta shake my head" moment. Yesterday, I read on Pandapalooza that Panda Girl got her once long hair cut into a very chic little bob. It looked so cute and I commented, "I wish that I could convince Emily to go for a short bob, but she insists on keeping it long even when we're combing out the tangles." After her bath last night, Emily told me that she wanted me to cut her hair. I asked her if she wanted it short like Mia's expecting that she would insist that I cut just a little. Instead, the little stinker says, "Yes mommy, I want short hair like Mia's up to here," as she cupped her hands right below her ears! I was a little nervous to do a cut like that myself, so I just cut off about 4 inches and told her that we would make an appointment with Ms. Joyce if she still wanted it short. Seriously?!

Hmmmm...sure is kind of quiet around here!

Update to add...I picked up Emily at 2 PM this afternoon and as of 4:30 PM, I only know that she had further details before she crashed!