Thursday, October 18

Out from under the laundry piles

Hey y'all!
Yes, we are home from Walt Disney World, everyone recovered from whatever plagued the House o' Glamour before we left, the girls did great traveling, we had a fabulous time, we have tons of photos (405...not including the ones that Pop Pop took on his camera), we ate too much and slept too little, we got 26 character autographs and made hundreds of memories! I can't wait to get started on the scrapbook pages, but I had to finish all the laundry first and get back into the swing of the real world.

Until I can find some time to get started on the scrapbook, here are a few photos from our fantabulous vacation !

We love Piglet!

Grammy and Pop Pop at Epcot.

Mulan and Mushu...she was so sweet!

My girls sharing a paper umbrella from China.