Tuesday, October 2

The Table

I came home today after running a bunch of errands to find the table set up in our bedroom. Ooooo....we're getting serious now! We have the packing table set up!The last time we had the table set up, we were packing to go to China to get Mia. That was late October/early November of 2005. This is everything for the three of us for two weeks in China...
We're taking a lot more to Florida!
I also have this going in the guest bedroom. This is the girls' stuff, medicine, toiletries and things for the carry on bags.
Chuck has his clothes out on the table in our room, all the girls' clothes are ready and now I need to figure out what I'm going to take to wear. That will probably be my biggest challenge getting ready for this trip!

With each passing day, we each feel a bit better (yup, I caught whatever the girls had) and get more and more excited to get to Walt Disney World!

Grammy and Pop Pop are leaving on Thursday. Please keep them in your prayers as they are driving from Pennsylvania to Florida. They will meet us there on Saturday!