Saturday, September 29

Numbers at the House o' Glamour

7 – Days until we leave for Walt Disney World.
2 – Number of sinus infections at the House o’ Glamour (Emily & Mia).
3 – Prescriptions that I got filled yesterday.
4 – Number of breathing treatments that Emily is getting every day.
10 – Days they will be taking antibiotics.
3 – Suitcases that I’m preparing to pack this week.
2 – Cups of coffee that I’ve had this morning.
7 – Days until we leave for Walt Disney World.

Yes, the little glamour girls are sick…a week before we leave for vacation. We went to see our favorite pediatrician yesterday and she confirmed that both girls have sinus infections. So, we’re all about getting healthy here at the House o’ Glamour this week!

Here is an adorable photo that I took of Emily last night. She crashed on the sofa hugging her Heffalump and holding the stickers that she got yesterday from her doctor. Those stickers are like gold to her and she’s still holding them this morning! The precious treasures of a 4 year old!