Saturday, January 26

Glamour Girl-isms

Some of the things that the glamour girls say crack me up and other things really make me think before I can answer.

It has been really cold here and while I was getting breakfast ready one morning Mia was complaining that she was cold, so I told her to go get under the blanket in my bed where her Daddy was still sleeping. Of course, he wasn’t sleeping long with Mia in the bed. So, they started chatting. All of a sudden Mia sat up, looked at Chuck and asked, “Daddy, where are your jammies?” I entered the room just in time to hear her question and burst out laughing. Of course that led to a game of trying to figure out who took Daddy’s jammies! I promised Chuck that I would add a disclaimer that he does not sleep in the nude, but he doesn’t wear a shirt.

Emily was congested and not feeling well again earlier this week. She was up at 4 AM one morning coughing, so I was sitting with her for awhile after I gave her medication and a drink of water. She had complained about having to take medicine and I was explaining that the medicine was necessary to help her get better. She was quiet for awhile and then said, “Mommy, I thought that Jesus healed everybody.” Gulp…pause…think, think, think. I finally pulled together an explanation saying that the stories that we have been reading about Jesus healing the sick all took place while he was here on earth. But, since he’s in heaven now, we need to pray to ask him to help heal us, so the healing might take a little longer.

These two girls are my joy, my reality check, my humor, and the loves of my life (in addition to Jesus and their awesome Daddy). I am so blessed!