Thursday, January 24

Mother's Intuition

Princess Emily had an appointment with an ENT this afternoon and we finally have some answers and a plan! After chatting at length with the doctor, she viewed the CT films that I brought with me. Our allergist had the CT scan done in June of 2007 at my request. Another doctor read the report, called me with the diagnosis of sinusitis, prescribed an antibiotic and I never heard anything else about the scan. When the ENT looked at the films today, she showed me where Emily’s nasal passages are completely blocked. There are actually two little bones that are kind of sideways in this small area where there is supposed to be an opening. This explains why her nose doesn’t run and why she can’t blow her nose. That’s where the mother’s intuition comes in! I knew that there was something else going on in her body other than just the allergies. Yes, she has allergies, but she also has no way to drain her sinuses other than swallowing it. So it gets infected and gets into her lungs and she gets bronchitis again and again and again.

What happens next? She’s on an aggressive treatment of various medications for the next three weeks to clear up any infection and reduce swelling in her sinuses. She’ll have another CT scan on February 18th. And, if this scan still shows that she is blocked, which the doctor believes she will be, she will have surgery on the 26th.

Although I am not looking forward to another one of my babies having surgery, I am so relieved and thankful that we’ve finally identified the problem! And, that it can be corrected!