Monday, February 25

Prayers Requested...

Our 5 year old glamour girl, Emily is having surgery tomorrow morning to remove her adenoids. We thought that this was going to be sinus surgery, but after seeing the size of her adenoids on the CT scan films, we agreed with the doctor to get them out to see if it improves her health. Her sinus passage is still quite small, but it looked better after the 4 weeks of sinus washes and new medications. So, we’ll continue with the twice daily sinus washes (oh yea, they’re fun!) and meds to see how it goes.

Please pray for Emily, for a smooth procedure, for her doctors and nurses, and for her healing. And, pray for Chuck and me to have peace, patience and endurance as we care for Emily before and after the surgery. She understands what is going to happen and has quite a bit of anxiety about it.

I’ll post again sometime tomorrow following the surgery.