Thursday, August 28

Hello Kindergarten!

According to Emily she has "been waiting for this for forever!" She is finally in Kindergarten and she couldn't be happier. The first day of school (Monday) was a short day for the Kindergarteners because it was basically an orientation for the parents -- carpool line protocol, make sure they can pull up, button, zip, snap whatever you send them to school wearing, their daily schedule, and lots of other subjects from A to Z! We left at 10 AM, which was a real let down for Emily since she was ready to spend the day.

Monday Morning...
Tuesday Morning...the first real day of school!

We all did quite well the first day of tears from any of us. I did feel a little emotional on Wednesday when I walked her to the door and wasn't allowed to go inside with her unless I wanted to walk around to the front to sign in. The counselor was at the door and she assured Emily that she would take her to the gym to wait for her teacher. All of a sudden my baby girl was trotting down the hallway...sigh.

Mia was very grumpy on Tuesday and asked several times when we would be going to get Emily at school. I guess that she missed her! However, now that she realized that she has my undivided attention while Emily is at school, she hasn't been very interested in when we're getting Emily.

Emily has been getting up very early in the 5:30 AM! After she had a meltdown at dinner tonight, I tried to encourage her to stay in bed in the morning to get some more rest because her days are going to get even busier at school. I asked her why she gets up so early and she said to me, "Because I'm so excited to get to school!" Now that makes me very happy, but that time between 5:30 and 6:30 AM is Mommy's quiet time and I savor that hour!

I hope everyone had (or will soon have) a great start to the new school year!