Sunday, August 24

Women of Faith

Hey y'all! I just returned from the Women of Faith conference and let me tell sides still hurt from laughing so much! I've cleaned up the mascara from a little crying...not much, but music just gets to me sometimes (for example, Nicole C. Mullen singing "Redeemer" yesterday).

Girlfriends, I know that I said it last year, but I'm going to say it again...if you have the opportunity to attend Women of Faith at any time...GO! If you have to make some effort or sacrifice to get there...GO! It will be worth it!

The "girls on the porch" have so much more than faith. They are women of faith, women of wisdom, women of compassion, women of wit, women of song, women of laughter, women of tears, women of giving, women of integrity. The Women of Faith...they ooze faith, they sing faith, they share faith, they encourage faith. I just adore the Women of Faith organization...all they do for women -- young and old -- around the world is simply remarkable. For example, their work with World Vision has inspired our family to sponsor a little boy in Haiti named Emerson (more on him later).

There are just a few photos of the event...we were having way too much fun, but here are the few that I have. I'm sure that you'll see more from Erin and Robyn.

I always thought that I was a little off kilter, but apparently, according to Anita Renfroe (the funniest woman on the planet), It's Probably Just My Thyroid. Whew!
And, the girls that I love to hang with on the porch. We already have next year's Women of Faith event on our calendars!

Tomorrow...Kindergarten orientation for me and Emily.

Tuesday...Emily's first day of Kindergarten!