Friday, September 19

A Little of This and That

- Today marked the end of Emily's first 4 weeks of Kindergarten. There have only been a few times when she told me that she didn't like school or didn't want to go. I finally caught on that this happens when she finds out (or she thinks) that Mia and I are doing something fun while she's at school. Uh-oh! Gotta be careful there!

- We are counting down to our long weekend at Sea World and to Emily's first field trip, which is the Wednesday after we get back from Sea World. I can't determine if she's more excited about the field trip or her first ride on a school bus. I'm thinking it's the school bus!

- I bought a really nice brown shirt/jacket at the other day for $14.99. I wasn't so crazy about the buttons...actually, I didn't like them at all! So, I spent $20 on new buttons today. Seriously! When did buttons get so expensive?! But it will look really nice and I know that I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this shirt that I can throw on as a jacket over another shirt for a totally different look. I better after spending $35 for a shirt that I thought I was buying for $15!

- It's starting to feel like fall around here and I love it! After enduring way too many 100+ degree days when it was too hot for the girls to outside, highs in the 80s feel like fall! The mornings have been awesome...a little chilly even!

-I recently caught a glimpse of our future...
Emily is chatting on the phone with Grammy and Pop Pop. I know that some day it will be her girlfriends and then, someday far far far in the future it will be a boy. Gasp!

Have a fantabulous weekend!