Saturday, September 13

What to do...

On a rain soaked day thanks to Ike? Dig through a bunch of half finished digital kits and get designing again! And, I completed a brand new kit named after Erin's baby daughter, Meisey. The translation of Meisey's Chinese name indicates that her middle name means "butterfly", so I present a long overdue freebie...Butterfly Baby!

And, a layout using one of the photos that came with their referral for Meisey! We can't wait for Bob, Erin and Mollianne to bring her home, so that Mia can "tickle her and teach her how to talk!" Watch out Erin if Mia is going to teach her to talk!

I packaged another whole kit today that I will post later this week when it will hopefully feel a little fall-like (at least in the morning)...oh yeah, there's a littel hint regarding the theme of the kit!

You can pick up the kit at 4Shared by clicking on either of the previews above. If you're new to my designs, visit my other blog Caffeine Created Designs for more free kits still that are still available!