Thursday, February 5

My Husband ROCKS!

Let me tell you how awesome my husband is...he is a fabulous father who elicits the most outrageous giggles from our daughters, he is a thoughtful and caring husband who will do everything in his power to make me happy, he is a godly man who is on an incredible journey with our Lord God, and he works very hard at his paid job with passion and integrity.

We met in January of 1998 when we started working for the same software company on the same day. We both had a background in Human Resources and were new to the crazy software industry. So, I've watched him work hard in this ever changing industry with great integrity and humility. His hard work is paying off this May when we get to spend a week enjoying a...Seriously! I get giddy just thinking about it! This will be the first time that we take a vacation alone since we became parents. We already have Grammy and PopPop lined up to spend a week spoiling their granddaughters (they rock too!) We will spend the week at the F0ur Seas0ns Res0rt Gre@t Exum@. Sure it will be with his colleagues, but I know that we will get to enjoy plenty of time alone {wink wink} and we also get to share it with our great friends Michael and Karen. This will surely kick up the time that I'm spending on the treadmill!!

Does my husband rock or what?!