Sunday, February 8


So, the other day I decided to (finally) take some Christmas stuff up to the attic. You know, the stuff that was hiding when you took down Christmas decorations in January? I finally got tired of seeing it in my office closet, so I lugged it up to the attic. While I was up there (I typically do not enter the attic), I noticed several boxes marked "Books". I took a peek and found that they were all my books. Hmmm...this could be interesting, so I lugged four boxes downstairs.
I found two boxes full of books that my parents had saved from my childhood. There is a set of encyclopedias as well as many classics that I remember vividly. Whew! Maybe my memory isn't as bad as I thought!
Another box held my books from the classes I took while studying for my teacher certification.

The fourth box held books that the students in the 2nd grade class where I did my student teaching gave me to start my own classroom library. Since I "retired" after getting my certification to stay home with Emily, I never got the chance to start a classroom library. Until now! The girls have a new library of books in their room. Emily thinks I am the coolest mom ever because I pulled out Junie B. Jones and Amelia Bedelia books!
It was so much fun to look through the books at the names of the children who chose each book for my library. What was shocking was realizing that those 2nd graders are now in 8th grade!

Well, that was fun and the girls are having a great time exploring all their new books!