Thursday, February 12

Recent Happenings at the House o' Glamour


It's a normal Tuesday evening. I give Mia a bath and blow dry her hair. While she is putting on her jammies I go into the game room to chat with Emily. I walk around the back of the sofa where the book cases are and see this...
Yes, that would be Mia's hair! After lots of tears and conversation (I didn't yell even though I wanted to), she told Chuck that she just wanted to look pretty. The worst part (or quite possibly the best part) is that I didn't notice it when I dried her hair! She sort of gave herself layers instead of taking a chunk out of the side or the front.

After the girls get settled in bed, Chuck and I were watching TV. The local news kept popping in to give updates about the line of storms headed our way. At around 9:30 the front line of the storm hits and we go to get the girls out of bed. They're talking about upper level rotation and a tornado just hit Oklahoma earlier in the day. so I wanted the girls downstairs. We usually keep the girls in our room during bad storms unless the sirens go off. Just as we get to the bottom of the steps, we hear the siren, so we head for the closet. Chuck continues to watch the news to keep up to date on what is on top of us while the girls and I hang out in the closet. And, this is how cozy we are in the closet...
Both of them slept through the whole thing. Thankfully, we were out in about 15 minutes and didn't experience any damage. Mia was sitting on my lap, so it was kind of hard to get this photo!

Our sweet four-legged daughter spent the day at the vet to get her teeth cleaned. She had a rough time recovering from the anesthesia this time. She staggered when she walked and was really loopy when Chuck brought her home. She usually hangs out in the kitchen with me while I cook dinner, but she could barely stand up, so we brought her bed into the middle of the kitchen.
I sat down with her after dinner and she put her bandaged leg (from the IV) up on my leg, so I could give her some lovin'. She's better today, but still slightly loopy. I guess just like us, she's getting older and it takes a little longer to recover.

Okay. If you're a man, you can stop reading here. Actually, if you're a man maybe you should continue reading so you know the torture that women endure...

I had my annual exam yesterday...yeah, that one. Anyhow. They have a new procedure called the Hal0 Breast Pap that can detect abnormal cells in breast tissue that may warrant closer monitoring for breast cancer. I think that medical technology is just awesome, so why not! I don't know where my head was because I never thought to ask exactly how they get cells out of your breast. Well. Let me tell you! The give you two cups to hold over each breast. The cups are attached to what can only be described as an over zealous vacuum cleaner. It starts by getting a little warm and you think, oh this is nice...but then, it starts to pummel your breast in an attempt to suction fluid from your n1pple. Oh! Holy cow! They send the fluid off and in 48 hours have the results. The nurse performing the procedure was really nice and we were cracking jokes the whole time (5 minutes), but still...Ouch! BTW, I still need to go for a mammogram. Swell! Just thought I would share a little more about this procedure that may not be fully disclosed when you sign up. I still think that it's pretty awesome to have this medical technology available to us, but there has to be a better way!