Saturday, February 28

Naps and Laundry

I personally would prefer to participate in the former rather than the latter...

But, that's not really what this post is about. I just have a few random photos on my camera that need posting, so here they are!
Obviously, Mia's playdate with Meisey wiped her out...On our way home, we stopped at Wally World to get what we needed for the project involved in the next set of photos and she crashed in the cart! Poor little thing...her head was bobbing all over the place when we went over the bumpy sidewalk outside, but she never woke up!
When was the last time that you got excited about sorting laundry? Yea, me too!

I got tired of having to pull apart a wadded up ball of pants, underpants and socks when I sort the girls clothing, so I decided to get them involved. My hope is that they will be concerned with making sure each piece gets in the right bag and as a result those wadded up balls of clothing won't make it to the laundry room. Wish me luck! I may be totally delusional, but it's worth a try! So, we had a laundry sorting tutorial yesterday. They had a blast! I hope that their enthusiasm for sorting laundry continues into their teenage years. Yea, I know...but a mom can't be hopeful, right?!

A bit of laundry sorting cuteness...

Seriously. Could they be any cuter?