Wednesday, March 22

Baking with Daddy

Because they definitely don't bake with Mommy. True confession time...I don't really like to cook. I try to do my best at it to nourish my family, but the kitchen thing is not for me. That said, it's no suprise that I also do not enjoy baking. However, Chuck is the king of double layer cakes! Ususally, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, but this one is fudge marble with chocolate frosting. I did help by swirling the chocolate in the yellow cake mix. Only a true chocolate lover knows how to swirl fudge properly.

Can you believe that I'm letting her do this before dinner?!

And the baby too!

Now the challenge is to not cut it until Grandma and Grandpa get here on Thursday. E must have asked Chuck at least a dozen times last night, "Time to cut the cake, Daddy?" I wonder what it would take to wear him down?!