Tuesday, March 21

My Mommy

Since E started talking about 2 years ago, she has called me many things. When we first got E in China at the age of 11 months, she simply screamed to get my attention. After of few weeks, she thankfully realized that I would come back if I left her 3 foot mommy zone and we taught her to call me "Mama." Very nice and sweet -- what every new mother longs to hear from her baby. Somewhere around two years old, she started to call me "Mom Mom." Not one of my favorites because it sounded like a name that would be assigned to someone over 60. When she learned to say her own name, which ends with "ly," she started calling me "Mommily." This one cracked us up and reminded us of our nephew M, adding "ia" to the end of everyone's name -- Mommia, Aunt Kellia -- when he was about this age. E has now started to call me "My Mommy." As in, "My Mommy, can I have some juice?" and my personal favorite, "I love you, my Mommy." She has recently started to learn how to use my, yours and ours properly so I think that this new vocabulary twist has prompted her to call me, My Mommy! And, of course, everything in a three year old's world is MINE!