Friday, July 28

Welcome to Our Home!

Welcome to our home! BooMama had this great idea to host of Tour of Homes. If you didn't get here from there, then head on over after you're done visiting with me and pay a visit!

Hi y’all! Come on in! We moved into this house in November 2003, just three weeks before we boarded a plane for China to adopt our oldest daughter. Over the past two and a half-ish years, we have been working on painting and decorating in between figuring out how to be a mom, going back to China for our second daughter, and figuring out how to be a mom to two active little girlies. We still have a ways to go and by the time we get it “just so,” we’ll probably move again!

This is our entry way…you can either head on upstairs, make an immediate right into the “formal” dining room, turn right down the hallway to the powder room and Chuck’s office or head straight down to the living room or stop in the kitchen, which comes up on your right. Don’t you just love that beautiful white gate at the bottom of the stairs…not that I want Mia to grow up too quickly, but I can’t wait to get rid of that thing along with the wooden contraption that Chuck had to built to secure it there!

We spend a lot of time here in our kitchen. I do most of my emailing from my laptop at my desk near the pantry and the girls spend time coloring at the table. Of course, this is where the four of us eat every night. We only ever use the dining room when we have company.

When we’re not in the kitchen, the girls and I are upstairs here in the game room. I do most of my blogging and blog surfing on my computer over there in the corner. This is the most un-decorated room in our house. We have yet to agree on what to do with it, so here it sits (with that little cutie on the sofa spicing up the place) with its bare walls, windows and old furniture.

I’ve decided to also show you my daughters’ rooms. This is Emily’s big girl room. She had a nursery in the front of the house (I decorated it in those three weeks before we left for China), but when we thought about it, it made more sense to have the girls share the bathroom between the two bedrooms at the back of the house. Soon after Emily turned two, we got her a big girl bed and we decorated her big girl room together. She loves her very pink room! The bed is usually on a diagonal in the corner, but we had company last weekend and had to make room for the pullout sofa that is on the other wall in her room.

This is Mia’s nursery. I love how her room turned out. The girls and I find this room very cozy and spend time in here reading every day. There is a big cozy denim rocking chair just out of the picture on the right that we all snuggle in to read. I hope that this will be their playroom some day when the girls are old enough to share a room. But, then again, we may move again before then.

Let’s head back on down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. No, no, of course I didn’t bake it…I don’t bake, but I did drive on down to Corner Bakery to pick up one of those yummy cinnamon coffee cakes!

Glad y’all could stop by!