Tuesday, August 1

Got some traveling to do!

Erin over at M&M's Mommy did this fun little thing and I thought that I would join in.

I've been to 49% of the United States...that's 25 states!

Looks like I've got some traveling to to in the central part of our country! We often talk about buying a travel trailer and visiting all the states in the US with the girls. What was that a *gasp* from the friends who know me in real life? I said a travel trailer not a tent! We're talking a small house on wheels -- microwave, refrigerator, toilet, shower, and most importantly electricity for my flat iron!

I have done little traveling internationally, but have a few places that I would like to visit when time and funds allow. This is where I've been so far...

United States (obviously, not international travel, but I have been to 49% of the states!), Canada (again, not so international, but you do need a passport to travel across the border now), Mexico (doesn't seem so international now that I live in a state that borders this country), Germany (for business, but you know me, I managed to have a great time!), China (twice!) and Japan (I'm going to count this one because we spent the night and ate two meals there, but it is on my list of places to return and spend more time touring). That's it!

Where have you been? Leave a comment if you post your travel destinations on your blog. And, let me know your favorite US state and favorite country. My favorite US state to visit has to be California -- so much to do and so many different climates all in one state. My favorite country has to be China, of course!

I dream of traveling to: Japan, Italy, Caymen Islands, and Australia

Have a great Tuesday! We're off the to pool! Check back tomorrow for Works for Me Wednesday...