Thursday, September 21

Baby Abby

If you watch the news, listen to the radio or read the news you no doubt heard about the woman in St. Louis who kidnapped a newborn baby and slashed the mother’s neck. Thankfully, the Amber Alert worked and someone turned the woman in and the baby was returned to her mother. This is a stunning news story with a happy ending for the baby and her family. But, will there ever be happy ending for the woman who wanted so badly to be a mother that she became irrational and stole a child?

There is always talk in the adoption world about waiting and how it affects people differently. The desire to become a mother is a real physical ache for some women. Getting pregnant and carrying a baby was not important to me, I simply wanted to be a mother. I would think about my child and my arms would ache – yes, physically ache – with the desire to hold her. Would this desire have ever driven me to kidnap a newborn baby? Of course not! But, I did physically long to hold my child. The woman who kidnapped baby Abby obviously has an illness that drove her to do something so irrational. And, based on the statistics that I saw on the news this morning, it is not uncommon. I am so thankful that baby Abby has been returned to her family. I cannot imagine their pain being separated from their newborn daughter. But, I am also praying for the woman who felt so desperate to be a mother. I hope that she gets help and heals.

For something a bit lighter, check out yesterday’s post about my appointment with my surgeon. It is so unusual for me to post two days in a row that I had to point out a previous post!