Wednesday, September 20

"Stop! You're making me sweat!"

No, that is not what I said to Chuck during a night of passion! It’s what I said to my doctor today when he grabbed hold of my big toe and started moving it up and down vigorously. Hello! Ouch! That hurts! Then, he proceeds to tell me that yes it’s going to be sore because he had to dig quite far down into my foot to remove the cyst and then he had to dissect (yes, dissect…like I’m a frog in the lab) in another area to relieve the tendon that was holding my big toe. Then, he started enthusiastically moving it up and down again in between pushing down on the area where he removed the cyst. That’s when I said, “Stop! You’re making me sweat!” I thought that he was going to fall over. His nurse was practically peeing in her pants. Then, he tells me that he wants me to move my toe in the same manner every day. Okay! Okay! Just so you stop moving it right now! Then, I made the mistake of telling him that I was uncomfortable when I stood up with the boot on because my heel would pull up and the weight of the boot pressed down on the top of my foot. I was secretly hoping that he would say that he would give me a smaller surgical shoe so I could dispose of this big, hot, heavy, smelly boot. No such luck! Instead he would show me how to avoid that problem. Apparently, the way to avoid that problem is to tighten the straps so tight that I would lose all feeling in my foot, but my toes would feel like they were going to pop off!

He’s going to take the stitches out next Wednesday. I can hardly wait for that session of torture! I’m sure that there will be more toe wiggling and pushing too. Maybe I’ll take a happy pill in the morning before I visit Dr. Makes Me Sweat (and not in a good way)!

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