Monday, September 18

My Sides Still Hurt!

What a better way to spend a Saturday evening…with good friends, eating less than healthy food (although Christie did try to steer us toward fruit and vegetables) and laughing until our frozen drinks almost came out our noses!

This little group of Mommies Who Lunch was the brainchild of my friend Erin who wanted to share special times with other mothers who are using the same adoption agency and waiting for their daughters. Well, I am not waiting for another daughter from China, so I was invited as “the veteran” and according to Valerie I am “the calm in the storm.” And, oh what a storm we kick up when we get together. We are all so different yet we enjoy each others company immensely. None of us feel the need to filter our comments and we respect each others differing thoughts and opinions. Most of all, we love to laugh together!

We usually get together for lunch and the girls did on the Friday that I had my surgery. But, we decided that we needed to get together for a girls night out. Valerie invited us to enjoy movie night at her beautiful home with an unbelievable media room. Our husbands would be green with envy! I was thrilled to get out of the house for a bit since I’ve been laying on my sofa since having surgery. I hung with the “big kids” until 9:30 when I had to call Chuck to come pick me up. It’s amazing how quickly I tire lugging this boot around and "walking" with crutches. I had a great time and was reminded again about how thankful I am for this gloriously hysterical and loving group of women!

Since I’m the slacker blogger, you can check out Erin's, Robyn's, Valerie's and Jamie's blogs for photos and more details of our Mommies, Movies and Munchies night! Apparantly, Christie is more of a slacker blogger than I am and hasn't updated her blog yet with tales of our Mommies gone wild night!