Friday, November 17

Happenings at House o' Glamour

I bet that y’all have been worried about me since the snake invasion. Thanks to everyone who posted words of comfort and understanding. So glad that none of you harassed me for being thankful that my husband chopped of that gigantic menacing snake’s head! I am happy to report that there have been no further snake sightings around the house of glamour. I also have to confess that I cracked up when I looked at the photos again. Y’all go take another look too…the snapping, hissing snake head has NO TEETH! I am cracking up over that!

My creative endeavors have taken me away from my Glamorous Life blog (don’t go out to my other blog either because that one is also in dire need of a new post). I have been busy creating Emily’s adoption story video and squeezing in a bit of time to do a few digital scrap pages too. As a result, writing for my blogs has taken the back seat…as we call the third row bench seat in the van – the way back seat. In the hope of redeeming myself, I have created a slide show with a few of my scrapbook pages for your viewing pleasure. This is a fraction of what I have done and I will add new ones periodically.

And, just like that naptime is over and I must step away from the computer to get on with my glamorous life!