Tuesday, November 14

Snakes at House o' Glamour!

Okay, it was one snake. And, it was about six inches long. But, it was a SNAKE! And, where there is one snake, there must be more snakes. He must have friends and family somewhere close by. Hopefully, in a field on the other side of town, but eventually those snakes may come looking for their brother. Their brother, who now lies buried in the lot across the street. And, we must send a message that the house o’ glamour is not a snake friendly house!

This is how the reptile invaded the house of glamour! Chuck was doing yard work on Sunday afternoon while the girls napped. I almost bit his head off (a strange, sick reference of things to come) when he banged on the front door causing the dog to bark. I fling open the door, ready to reprimand…He says, “Run to the shed and get the spade shovel! We’ve got a snake out here!” Oh crap!

I deliver the shovel then run back inside to grab the camera. This is exciting stuff! Good blogging material!

Disclaimer…The following photos are not suitable for viewing with children and are not for the squeamish!

By the time I got back outside, Chuck has done this to the snake.

He says, “I guess that I didn’t really need to kill it.”

I shriek like a girl, “YES, you needed to kill it! It’s a snake! It will probably get bigger! And, he probably has friends who may see this and decide to move away from my house!”

Then, the head of the snake started to do this!

Alrighty then! I suppose that he deserved to be a little ticked off, but it confirmed that it was necessary to do away with this snake. I apologize to all nature lovers out there, but it was a SNAKE!

Ah, the glamour!