Friday, November 10

My Glamorous Friday

I went to Dr. No Longer Makes Me Sweat this morning for a quick check of my foot. It has been 9 weeks since I had the surgery and 3 weeks since I started wearing “the sneakers.” And, because I know that you have been coming back daily to see if I’ve posted more about my foot, here is the update…

My foot looks great and I have very little swelling (hardly any at all today). I can go back to Mommy and Me swim lessons with Mia as long as I wear water shoes and I don’t jump. And, I can wear other shoes as long as I wear the toe
spacer and the shoes that I choose aren’t high heeled or pointy toed…guess I’ll have to wait to buy those Jimmy Choo’s! My next visit with my awesome doctor is on December 8th, when we will schedule the surgery for my left foot. Betcha can’t wait for those posts!

So…I left the girls at home while I went to the doctor’s office this morning. Chuck was working from home, so I popped in the ultimate babysitter into the DVD player and went to my appointment. I return an hour later to find Mia poking her finger through the empty space in her glasses where a lens should have been! Now, these aren’t the glasses that she mutilated on Sunday. Today she was wearing her other glasses. I search the playroom for a few minutes before I find the lens under a book. Once again, my head almost popped off! The lens, which had been completely scratch free when I left the house, has little scratches all over it. I ask Mia, “Did you have this in your mouth?” And, she replies, “Yes, bite mouth,” with a sheepish grin. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!

To my real life friends who I am seeing tomorrow night…please don’t be alarmed if I just sit in the corner rocking back and forth clutching my bottle of wine!

She may make my head pop off, but dang isn't she cute!