Thursday, November 23

Thanksgiving 2006 Recap

Our little family of four enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving at home. Although Mia was with us last Thanksgiving, she slept through the festivities, so this was really our first year sitting around the table together as a family of four. What I am most thankful for...

Chuck and his mountain o’ taters! We had the conversation…you know the one…

Chuck: How many potatoes should I peel?
Me: I guess all four. [I don’t buy potatoes frequently. I’m not ashamed to admit that our “regular meal” mashed potatoes come out of a box.]
Chuck: That’s going to make a lot of mashed potatoes. I think I’ll just peel two of them.
Me: Will that be enough?
Chuck: That will be plenty for today and if we want some later this week, we’ll make the other two.
Me: Okay.

Chuck starts peeling.

Chuck: Maybe I’ll peel this third one.
Me: Whatever.

More peeling.

Chuck: I might as well peel this last one too.

We had/have a lot of potatoes! When will we learn?!

We also had a 15 lb. turkey. He’s weighs a lot less now. But, before we carved into Mr. Tom Turkey, I had to do this photo for Robyn…

In the morning, Emily and I had a conversation about Thanksgiving Day and what it meant to be thankful. At dinner we asked her what she was thankful for and she replied, “Fish and bread!” Daddy talked about being thankful for Emily, Mia and Mommy and for our dog Hattie. Then, he asked her if she was thankful for anything else. “No, just fish and bread!”

I, of course, have so much to be thankful for…my loving and patient husband, my beautiful, smart and funny daughters, our health and the health of our extended family, my friends who fill me up with love and laughter when I need it, the breaking down of my creative block, and my parents who dropped everything in their lives for two months to take care of me and my family. And, from the less serious side of things…my bunion free right foot, my ugly but so very comfortable crocs, Estroven, our auto-brew coffee maker, the warranty on Mia's glasses, Bach's Rescue Remedy, and my fearless snake hunter husband.

A few random photos from the day...

We worked up an appetite before dinner by clearing our attic of all things Christmas. We are ready to deck the halls! Fa la la la la la laaaaaa!