Thursday, November 30

Winter Wonderland close as we get to a winter wonderland in Texas! It's more like a winter mess outside today. And, COLD! I pulled this graphic off the AccuWeather forcast for our little part of the world. This indicates the current conditions...

I just love the ice cubes coming out of the cloud!! The temperature is 30 degrees and the "real feel" temperature is 16 degrees. We are all decked out in our coziest sweats and not going anywhere today!

By the way, the radar shows a huge band of blue (ie. SNOW) headed our way. Emily is so excited, she can barely contain herself and she wants to go outside to play in the "snow" so badly! The poor little kid doesn't understand that we don't get real snow in Texas.

Y'all who also live in Texas...stay warm! And, those of you up north who read my blog and don't post comments (you know who you are so I don't need to name names)...enjoy your warm weather because this stuff is headed your way!