Friday, December 1

It's Snowing! Look! It's Snowing!

Emily was so excited about the snow (really ice mixed with a few flurries) that she couldn't take a nap yesterday. She was up and dressed again after laying in her bed for about 3 minutes, looking out the window for another 40 and then, taking another 3 minutes to slowly creep out of her room. When I woke Mia from her nap, I bundled them up in two jackets each because we don’t have “real” winter coats and we went outside. It was still flurrying and Emily started running around the yard yelling, “It’s snowing! It’s snowing! Look Mia, it’s snowing!” Mia wouldn’t step off the patio and kept repeating, “Snow!” When they called Grammy and Pop Pop last night, Emily told them it was the first time that she ever saw snow. And, in reality, it is the first time that she’s ever been out in the snow. She had chicken pox when it snowed in February of 2004 and she was sick last winter when we had a dusting of snow. Hooray! She was healthy enough to go out in the snow yesterday. And, I let them go because who knows if we’ll see any more snow this winter! Enjoy the few photos that we got in the 5 minutes that we were outside…not kidding! The first photo was taken at 4:40 and the last at 4:45! It was about 30 degrees and windy…BRRRRR!

All bundled up! Let's go Mom!

Look it snowed in my house!

I think I'll sit in the snow. Emily recognizes that's not such a good idea when you no longer wear a diaper.

Let's go's ccccccccccold out here!

The perfect night for soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!

On another note: Obviously, it's a good strategy to call out your lurkers because they just might leave a comment. Love ya Cathy (and Lisa because I know you're out there lurking too...your sister told me)!