Saturday, December 23

The Sweet Surprises Continue

All I can say is, “Wow! My friends totally rock!” I am blown away by an incredibly generous gift that was delivered yesterday from our friends Cathy, Guy and Lizzie!

I grew up outside of Philadelphia and Chuck grew up on the other side of the Delaware River in New Jersey. We grew up eating (made in Philadelphia) Tastykakes and even though you can buy them at a few places here in Texas, they don’t taste the same. We think that they send a different version to the south. When I worked at SAP and traveled frequently to Philadelphia I would bring back as many Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes (Chuck's favorite) as I could stuff into my suitcase!

So, my dear friend Cathy, who lives in NJ and works in Philadelphia, totally hooked us up with these goodies from Tastykake!

WOW! Oh happy tastebuds! There are a lot more treats than you can even see in this photo... there is a second layer!

I have only met Cathy once in person and that was at Lucy’s in Guangzhou last November. But in the months leading up to our referrals and finally travel to China for Lizzie and Mia we became great friends. And, if Cathy lived in Texas, she would definitely be part of the M3 crew!

I love you, my friend! Thank you so very much!