Sunday, March 25

Blogs! Blogs And, More Blogs!

I currently get feeds from forty-four blogs. Love Bloglines! And, if you took a look at my feeds you would find a wide variety of subjects that interest me…adoption, home schooling, digital scrapbooking, writing, art, blogging (blogs about blogging!), motherhood, life as an expatriate, travel and more. I read all these blogs for a variety of reasons – education, inspiration, and amusement.

Check out these eight unique blogs that I really enjoy…

Chinese Starfish…is written by a South African woman, living in China, taking care of 15 special needs orphaned children preparing to be adopted. You will fall in love with these children and Amanda. This post explains how Amanda got this absolutely amazing opportunity.

Gaijin Mama…is an American writer who is married to a Japanese man living in Japan with their twins. I love Suzaane’s writing, her recommended reading and her view of life in Japan.

Exploring Adoption…is written by adoptive mom, Laura Christianson. She is an author with two books coming out this summer. She has a ton of information about adoption on her blog and website including articles, book recommendations, links to adoption blogs and so much more. I really like Laura’s style and look forward to her posts.

I’m An Organizing Junkie…provides organizing ideas, meal planning, recipes, and some funnies as she shares her “crazy obsession with organizing.” And, as a wannabe organizer with a similar love of containers in all shapes and sizes, I love this lighthearted blog!

Owlhaven…Mary describes herself as megamom, writer, traveler, photographer, chocolate lover and van-parker extraordinaire. I think that she is very cool and very talented!

Planet Nomad…I enjoy this blog about an American family living in Mauritania…go ahead, I’ll wait while you look it up on Google…I had to! This adventurous mom of three writes about their everyday, but far from ordinary, life in the dessert.

5 Minutes for Mom…twin stay-at-home moms, Susan and Janice blog about a wide variety of subjects and they help promote mom-blogs and mom-owned businesses through their website.

8 Asians…is a collaborative blog written by 8 Asian-Americans. They discuss politics, lifestyle, entertainment and generally life as an Asian-American. As the Caucasian mom of two Chinese-Americans, I’m very interested in the insight provided by 8 Asians.

Do you have any favorite blogs to recommend?