Saturday, April 28

It Finally Happened

Yes, the time has come to say goodbye. My (sometimes) faithful laptop has finally bit the dust. I thought that I was close to losing her several months ago, but she held on until earlier this week. She tried to rally, but all attempts at resuscitation were futile. May we have a moment of silence as I remember all the good times we shared.

- I wrote many papers, lessons plans and books on her while getting my teaching certification.
- I emailed friends near and far.
- I started this very blog on her.
- I gave many presentations from her when I worked for our adoption agency.
- She was there at my side as I recovered from surgery.

She had a good long life and I’m thankful that she didn’t ever burst into flames.

Thankfully all my Li Tian Designs stuff is on my desktop computer. When we realized that the laptop had a short life expectency, I moved all my important stuff to the desktop. I've asked for an external hard drive to back up all my stuff for Mother's Day!

Speaking of Li Tian Designs, I sold 7 tags last week and am working hard to replenish the stock and get new photos posted on Etsy. I will have all the new stuff listed by Monday morning. Still available at the time of this posting are the Keira, Bag of Stuff, Grace, Aubriana, and Malia tags.