Thursday, December 13

God is so GREAT!

Two years ago this week Mia got her first pair of glasses…two weeks before her first birthday. And, today we received the glorious news that she would not need to wear glasses all the time now! She is still farsighted and will need to wear glasses to read, but the thick heavy glasses are gone. Praise our awesome God for answering my prayers! Her first glasses had prescription lenses that were +6.50. Her new prescription is +2.00. Praise God for leading me to Dr. Wang and for giving her such a wonderful gift!

Of course Mia returned from Dr. Wang’s with a shirt full of stickers and a fist full of lollipops…to share with her sister, of course!

BTW, for those of you who know me in real life...of course I cried when Dr. Wang gave me this wonderful news!