Friday, December 7

We Love Dr. Wang!

A week ago (I am such a random blogger these days) Mia had her first visit with our Pediatric Opthalmologist since her surgery.

Dr. Wang came out to the waiting room to get Mia herself. As soon as Mia saw Dr. Wang she went running, threw her arms around her neck and yelled, "Dr. Wang! I love you!" Let me tell you, if it wouldn't totally freak her out, I would fling her arms around her neck and yell, "I love you, Dr. Wang!" too.

Before that first appointment, I was feeling really stressed out. Mia's eyes were blood red, she screamed when I put the drops in her eyes four times a day, and she had double vision. By the end of the appointment, I was totally calm and once again adoring Dr. Wang's detailed explanations and calm demeanor.

She immediately took off Mia's glasses because they are too strong and were pulling her eyes too far out (something that I couldn't see). Since she was favoring her right eye by closing her left, we would start patching for no more than one hour a day. Within two days, she was switching between the two eyes and closing one less frequently. Dr. Wang said that we would have to wait a few weeks before she could determine her new prescription. I'm hoping that she will be able to determine the new prescription when we have our next appointment on Thursday.
As of today, Mia's eyes are no longer red, she appears to see a single image again and her eyes are so straight. I wish that we would have found Dr. Wang when we first came home with Mia instead of struggling through two different doctors over 18 months.
Dr. Wang absolutely adores Mia and lets her go through the sticker drawer to pick out whatever she wants...and however many she wants. This is the result...

Thanks Dr. Wang!!