Saturday, January 19

Here I Am!

Well, it appears that I took an unplanned, unannounced sabbatical from blogging. I’m not really quite sure what happened between October and the end of the year, but the time flew by and some things had to give. I didn’t even send Christmas cards this year!

We celebrated Mia’s 2nd Family Day on November 9 and Emily’s 4th Family Day on December 14. These two wonderful events were quickly followed by birthday celebrations – Mia’s 3rd birthday on December 27 and Emily’s 5th birthday on January 6.

I can’t believe how quickly my baby girls are growing up! Santa brought Emily a beautiful white desk for her room so that she can “do her work”. Mia is sleeping in her big girl bed without diapers and started gymnastics two weeks ago.

My parents spent almost a month with us over the holidays, which was wonderful and so enjoyable. Unfortunately, each and every one of us got hit with a nasty bug during the holidays. Chuck was down and out for Christmas and it hit me hard just in time for the New Year. Emily had bronchitis the week before Christmas and missed her preschool’s Christmas program. Mia was sick the week between Christmas and New Year, but little slows down our little energizer bunny. Grammy got sick Christmas week and Pop Pop got it the first week of the New Year. It was not so glamorous around here at all, but we kept our spirits up as best as we could! Here’s hoping that 2008 is a much healthier year for us!

And, here comes the recap in photos…