Tuesday, March 4

Nap Time, Snow and A Shiner!

Here with a quick page that I put together last night for a template challenge over at ScrapArtist. This is the first time that I ever used a template and it was kind of fun...and definitely very fast! I challenged myself to follow the template exactly as it was given to us. I must admit that I did add several embellishments, but ended up deleting them to stick with my original plan.

Journaling: Ever since Emily started school your naptime has been a bit messed up so you often nap on the go... Mia...February 2008

Everything is from Made of Awesome by Amanda Rockwell & Eva Kipler available at ScrapArtist

Come back for photos of the girls in the SNOW! Yup, we got our token dusting of snow here in Texas last night. Gotta run outside now because it will be gone soon with temperatures expected in the 60s this afternoon. Go figure!

Updated...with layouts of the girls out in the "snow"! There really wasn't much snow on the ground, but they had a blast trying to make snowballs.

I love to do grid layouts with square photos! It's my go-to layout when I have a lot of photos and can't decide which ones to use.
Everything is from Serenity©2006 by Angela Sharrow http://ang22022.blogspot.com

This is my "arsty" layout of three photos that I took this morning.

BackgroundPaper & Paper for Title from Autumn Harmony by Anita Designs (www.nanas-attic.blogspot.com); snowflake from Serenity by Angela Sharrow http://ang22022.blogspot.com; photo of Bradford Pear tree by me.

And, I just had to scrap this...Mia woke up with a black and blue eye this morning. We have no idea how it happened because her eye was fine when she went to bed last night. She told me that she got it from her bed. Oh, that girly of mine...

Papers (photo matte recolored), embellishments, and alpha from Spring Shadows Freebie by Amy Sheridan, Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program Contestant; Rhinestone swirly from Made of Awesome by Amanda Rockwell & Eva Kipler available at ScrapArtist.