Monday, April 14

Closet Disparity

Much to the delight of the girls (NOT!), we spent the morning trying on warm weather clothes to figure out who fits into what…or more accurately, what no longer fits Emily. That child outgrows clothes overnight! At the conclusion of my biannual closet reorganization, we ended up with this disparity...

Mia's warm weather wardrobe... And, Mia also has several pair of shorts on the shelf in her closet.

Emily's warm weather wardrobe...Emily has no other warm weather clothes in her closet expect for a variety of vacation t-shirts.

What makes this crazy is that even though Mia has twice as many summer clothes as Emily, I know that Emily has two, three and quite possibly ten times more clothes than many children in the United States. In the past, I would sell the outgrown clothes to consignment, so that I could buy more clothes. This summer, I've decided to donate all their clothes. When I would return to the consignment shop and see what they didn't take, I would get bent out of shape. Seriously?! There are families right here in my community who are going to be so thankful to have every piece of clothing that my girls have outgrown and in many cases only wore once or twice.

Thank you Heavenly Father for opening my eyes and my heart to those in need. Please bless and protect the children who will wear the clothing that once covered my daughters.