Thursday, April 24

House o' Glamour Happenings

Have you ever had those times in your life when you’re doing and doing and doing, but then, you look back and can’t put your finger on exactly what you’ve been doing? Obviously, we’ve been a bit busy because I haven’t blogged here at My Glamorous Life for quite a few days...a week, maybe? How do people blog every day? Here’s a bulleted recap of the past week or so…

Our friends Valerie and Gary received their precious little girl – Aubriana – yesterday afternoon in the elevator lobby of a hotel in China! She is absolutely beautiful. Valerie says that she is very healthy and a total mama’s girl. Congratulations “Galery”!!
Mia saw our favorite Pediatric Ophthalmologist today. She is doing well, but is favoring her left eye again. Therefore, we’re going to start patching her left eye for about two hours a day to give her right eye a workout again! Of course Dr. Wang gave her anything she asked for, so she came home with 4 lollipops, a fist full of stickers and a little felt flower.

I got a design job! I am so excited about this fabulous opportunity. I’m designing Parent Success Cards for a developmental remediation center in Michigan. I am doing the artwork for 50 two-sided cards with inspirational messages and reminders for the parents and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. The director contacted me after she heard about me from a client who recently returned from China with their child. Thank you so much to the person who made this referral! It’s a great project that I’m really excited about!

I am still creating digital scrapbook goodies and posting them at Caffeine Created Designs. And, I’ve been busy making Ribbonlicious Bag Tags too! I am doing several for end of the year gifts for teachers. Keep them in mind when you’re looking for something to say thank you to your children’s teachers. Yes, a shameless plug for my store! I already gave Emily’s teachers tags for Christmas, so I need to come up with something else for the end of the year. What they really need (and deserve) after nine months with 12 pre-K kiddos is a spa day!

Emily and Mia are now officially sharing a room. You know what that means? I get my dream come true…my very own craft room/office! I get to move all of my stuff out of the upstairs “loft”, which is really just a big hallway. I just want to be clear that I didn’t kick Mia out of her room. They always ask if Mia can sleep in the bottom bunk in Emily’s room, so a few weeks ago she started going in there every night to go to bed and I let her. It’s working just fine and I hope that it will actually help them develop a stronger bond. Emily will frequently get in the bottom bunk with Mia in the morning and my heart swells when I hear them talking and giggling over the monitor.

Last weekend, we went to Avery’s Welcome party and of course, we had a blast! We took the opportunity to take a Mommies and their girls photo. We have a few more girlies that we’re waiting for who will complete this photo!