Monday, July 21

Daddy's Birthday!

We celebrated Chuck's forty...second birthday on Saturday. It was a mellow affair at home, which is exactly what he wanted and what we all needed after having a busy week after returning home from vacation. I don't know why most of these photos are blurry...guess I'll take a look at one of the gifts that I got for Chuck...The Digi.tal Photo.graphy Book by Scott Kelby.

Hmmm...wonder what's in this big bag?
An iced tea maker! Notice that the girls chose to dress up in their "party clothes" to celebrate with Daddy!
Everybody wants to know what's in this bag...especially since Daddy has already pulled out several pieces of tissue paper.
Although he is smiling pleasantly, he is processing that his crazy wife bought him Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock...WHICH WE ALREADY OWN! Grrr...don't ask!
If you watch "So You Think You Can Dan.ce", you get this. If you don't watch, continue to the next photo.
Getting a little help from his girls.
And, just some general Glamour Girl cuteness!