Thursday, July 17

Vacation Photos!

I hope that you've caught your breath after the shock of seeing another post from me in the same month! And, it's less than a week since we returned from our vacation in Pennsylvania and here I am with photos! This is a very small selection of the gazillions of photos that I have between my camera, Chuck's camera and my dad's camera.

Mia and Emily all decked out for our Independence Day picnic!

Snuggling with Pop Pop.

Crafts with Pop Pop's fishing supplies.

Mia's fishing lure's going to be the next craze on the runways in Paris!

Goofing around with Daddy.

Reading time with Grammy.

Having a blast on the rides on the boardwalk!

A very windy day at the Jersey shore.

I just love this photo. The girls loved the sand and water!

Corn on the cob that we bought at an Amish farm!

Yum! Emily loves corn on the cob!

Mia preferred to lick off the butter...we ended up cutting the corn off the cob for her!

Emily has been looking forward to fishing with her Pop Pop for the longest time and she finally got her chance on a trip up to the Poconos.

Hey! This doesn't look big enough for dinner!

I hope you enjoyed that little sampling of our vacation photos. I still need to download the photos from Chuck's camera, so I'll have more...soon!