Saturday, November 1


As has become our annual tradition, Mollianne brought her parents to our neighborhood to trick-or-treat with the glamour girls. Before hitting the neighborhood, which we covered in record time with our speed walking (often running...not such a good idea) trio, we got them to stand still long enough for a few photos!

The Untold Story...There is a little known portion of the Cinderella story that has rarely been told. It's not included in her biographical movie because it was deemed "too graphic" for small children. You see when the clock struck midnight and Cinderella started runnig for her coach, she took a tumble down the palace stairs. Oh sure...the movie shows her running gracefully down the stairs, but that's not how it happened. Oh no. She took a spill that sent her dress flying over her head. And, this is what she looked like the next day...
There is no need to worry about our young princess. Thankfully her fairy godmother won a (more than) one year supply of bandages and was able to fix her up with style! She is recovering nicely at the House o' Glamour.