Wednesday, March 21

Baby Sister Jing Yong

On November 2, 2006, I introduced our baby sister Guo Jing Yong.

We recently received an update about Jing Yong. This is the report that was written on September 30, 2006 by her nanny Wang Da Yu.

"Jing Yong is now more than seven months old, and she is able to roll herself easily in bed. She tries to fetch her favorite toy by bending down till her stomach reaches the floor. She is able to sit for a while, but still she has difficulties to sit straightly. She is able to play toys with both of her hands, and she often strikes the toys. When I call her name, she immediately looks up at me and smiles to me, making the sounds “ah ah” to me. When I reach out my hands to hug her, she will also reach out her hands to hold my hands tightly. She will also become so excited that she keeps kicking her feet.

In the next three months, I will help her learn to crawl and stand."

Due to the costs associated with sending color photos of the sponsored children, Half the Sky has shifted to emailing quarterly progress reports. This quarter we have a black and white photo of Jing Yong, but next quarter we should receive a full color report via email. We can’t wait!

Jing Yong turned one on February 15th. At the time that this report was written by Da Yu, Jing Yong would have been at the age of possibly being referred to a family for adoption. Has she since been adopted by a family in China or the United States or Canada or somewhere else in the world? I search the adoption groups every month when referrals are announced looking for her name. We may never know where she grows up, but she will always be remembered by our family and she will always be one of the glamour girls.